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Free stock photos and backgrounds of coins, currency and other items related to money and finance. All our images are provided under a CC-BY license. You may remix, tweak, and build upon our work, even commercially, as long as you credit for the original image. Click a thumbnail below to preview/download.

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Coins Stacks on One Dollar Bill

Copper Pennies Macro

Single Quarter on White Background

Stacks of Coins

Nickels Macro

Penny Background

Ten Bucks

Penny Macro

Coin Stacks Macro

Money and Passport

Dollar and Change

Twenties on White

Twenty Dollars

Quarter in Vice

Stacks of Coins

Pocket Change

Quarter Closeup

Quarter Background

Quarters Abstract

Abstract Quarters Macro

Coin Background

Macro Coin Stacks

Coins on Orange

Coin Stacks

Coins on Green

Closeup of Coins

Stacks of Coins

Coin Macro

Stacks of Change

Twenties on Red

Twenties on Blue

Money on Green

Coins on Twenty Dollar Bill

Fives on Red

Coins on Twenty

Money on Red

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Page of 2 (38 items total)