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Free stock photos and backgrounds of plants, flowers and things related to nature. All our images are provided under a CC-BY license. You may remix, tweak, and build upon our work, even commercially, as long as you credit for the original image. Click a thumbnail below to preview/download.

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Water Drops Rose Petal

Rose Droplets Abstracts

Glowing Street Lamp

Isolated Fall Leaves on White Background

Isolated Leaf Border on White Background

Bamboo Forest Background

Starfish Background

Red Hot Coals in Campfire

Sweetgum Seed Capsule

Isolated Fall leaves

Flower Macro

Colorful Fall Leaves

Backlit Leaves on Tree Branch

Single Yellow Leaf

Spooky Tree Branches

Grassy Hill

Tree Silhouette

Green Leaves

Three Acorns

Colorful Autumn Leaves

Purple Flowers

Isolated Yellow Leaf

Isolated House Plant

Sweetgum Leaves

Wet Mushrooms

Colorful Plant Leaves

Gold Oak Leaves

Background of Clover

Dew Drops on Leaf

Water Drops on Leaf

Water Droplets

Pink Flower Macro

Red Flower Closeup

Japanese Maple Leaf

Pink Gerber Flower

Spring Flowers

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Page of 2 (46 items total)