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Free stock photos, backgrounds and textures of natural and synthetic surfaces. Can be used as backdrops or texture overlays in Photoshop. All our images are provided under a CC-BY license. You may remix, tweak, and build upon our work, even commercially, as long as you credit for the original image. Click a thumbnail below to preview/download.

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Black Slate Texture

Old Rawhide Leather

Cowhide Background Texture

Worn Leather Pattern

Wrinkled White Paper Texture

Crumpled White Paper Background

Splattered Blue Paint

Textured Cardboard Background

Blue Watercolor Background

Bright Orange Watercolor Texture

Brown Watercolor Abstract

Green Watercolor Abstract

Purple Watercolor Background

Worn Blue Paper Texture

Vintage Green Paper Background

Stained Brown Paper

Grungy Green Paper Texture

Grungy Brown Paper Texture

Dirty Brown Paper Background

Creased Parchment Paper

Crumpled Parchment Paper

Fold Marks on Grungy Parchment

Stains on Old Parchment Paper

Masking Tape on Cardboard

Stained Cardboard Background

Wrinkled Cardboard Texture

Grungy Stained Parchment

Brown Paper with Fold Marks

Scratched Blue Metal

Scratched Green Metal

Brushed Aluminum Background Texture

Scratched Red Metal

Stained Cardboard Texture

Empty Cork Board Texture

Cracked Tree Stump Texture

Yellow Asphalt Texture

Premium Stock Photos from Dreamstime.comRelated Images from Dreamstime
Page of 2 (68 items total)